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With the changes in the real estate market it is difficult to sell a home. According to CNN Money, there are too many homes on the market, many of them foreclosures due to the mortgage crisis. As selling a home becomes more competitive, it is natural to wonder if you are better off selling your property without a real estate agent, thereby cutting out the middleman. In order to make an informed decision it is important to consider what a real estate agent can offer. 

You need experience and an agent or broker that has stayed true to course during these tough times. The median sales price for a home sold by a real estate agent is 16 percent higher than one sold by the owner.

All advertising costs and marketing costs associated with selling your home are absorbed by the listing agent You don't lose anything and you don't have to think about what and where you are going to find the one to market your property.

You have an interested buyer, are you prepared or do you understand the legal documents that are your contract? Trust in professionals that know the legal forms required in your closing.  We make sure that buyer is apprised of any home owner by-laws or local ordinances that will impact them after buying your home in addition, we will be sure all paperwork is together in a timely fashion to all parties for your closing.

Meet with us, we can help you determine the value of your home in the market,  discus what your needs are and how our firm can market your property.

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